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Welcome To the Showcase

Who We Are, What we do, What we love

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Who We Are

The man, the myth, the meme

You thought HimeKiss had a team, but it was really just me, NEL!

I'm a queer asian american who is doing their best to bring forth action by creating fashion that allows society to easily digest current relatable events.


I wanted to create an alternative fashion brand that introduces real concepts such as race, mental health, queerness, and self awareness to our every day lives.


From kawaii pastels to dark street wear, HimeKiss has something for everyone to express and explore themselves while confronting the status quo.


Let's destigmatize the way we perceive and react to the reality we all live in.

What We Do

Japanese inspired alt fashion to handcrafted accessories

Find us on the runway or a convention near you

what we love

Who do we love more than our fans?

For any and all genders, bodies, and/ or lackthere of

Sizes range from xs to 6xl

Designed w/ Love (and maybe a lil bit of chaos) 

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